Presentazione Glaciovar a Palazzo Chigi

On the Trail of the Glaciers – Andes 2016 – at Palazzo Chigi

At the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in the Monumental Hall of Palazzo Chigi, on October 5th, all the scientific results of the GlacioVar project developed under the Ships on the Glaciers Trail – Ande 2016 were presented. The project that involved the University of Rome Sapienza (department DICEA), the State University of Milan (Department of Earth Sciences A. Desio) and the Nonprofit Macromicro Association was funded by the DARA Department of Regional Affairs and Autonomies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The results have laid and laid the foundations for continuing with DARA for the next few years.

At the end of the session, Ing. Uffff Guide The DARA says: “Mountain research as well as contributing to the knowledge of mountain territories and the prevention of extreme phenomena, both natural and socio-economic, is capable of producing wealth and innovation for the rest of the country.

The Department of Regional Affairs and Autonomy, appreciating the quality of the research carried out, will strive to ensure continuity and development. “