Karakorum 2009

Karakorum 2009


It is a well-known scientific fact that the Karakorum glaciers have not suffered a reduction in mass as a consequence of climate change. Nevertheless, I was determined to make the first expedition in 2009 to this mountain chain for a number of reasons: the beauty and majesty of its mountains; the peculiarity of the dynamics of its glaciers, and also to mark the centenary of the expedition led by the Duke of Abruzzo.

The first mission in the project enabled the expedition team to collect a remarkable quantity of data one hundred years on from the historic expedition. In particular, photographs were taken to replicate photographs taken by Vittorio Sella and Massimo Terzano, who had both participated in the most important Italian exploratory expeditions to the region, respectively in 1909 (led by the Duke of Abruzzo) and 1929 (led by Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Spoleto). I used state of the art digital technology combined with traditional large format shooting techniques for these photographs, which produced highly satisfying results both from an aesthetic and a scientific viewpoint.

Observations and measurements were carried out under the guidance of the Project’s Scientific Committee, which included two of the world’s renowned glaciology experts, Professor Claudio Smiraglia, Università Statale, Milan, and former Chairperson of the Italian Glaciological Committee, who analyzed and interpreted the results obtained during the expedition; and Professor Kenneth Hewitt, Professor Emeritus, Geography and Environmental Studies of the Wilfred Laurier University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada), who joined the expedition team, providing advice on planning and selecting field observations.

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