Mission to Alaska

Copertina_DVD_Alaska-ENG-front_defAfter the successful expedition to Karakorum and to Caucasus, photographer Fabiano Ventura and his team of experts continue their mission to study the effects of climate change on the world’s largest glaciers. Their next expedition will take them to Alaska. Thanks to the cold weather and the frequent precipitations, glaciers are found in Alaska at low altitudes; they pass through the long valleys and merge just before they arrive at the sea. Their particular characteristics make Alaska’s glaciers very interesting from a scientific point of view. Once again, in this documentary, photographic evidence gathered by explorers of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century is compared with the same shots taken by Fabiano Ventura. These are then scientifically analysed to determine the “health” of some of the largest glaciers in the world.

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Running time: 52 minutes Shooting format: Full HD Based on a project by: Fabiano Ventura Director: Tommaso Valente – Federico Santini Operator: Federico Santini Soundtrack: Carlos Zarattini Production and distribution: SD Cinematografica Languages: Italian – English