Fabiano Ventura premiato alla Camera dei Deputati

Award for Environmental Sensibility to Fabiano Ventura

An award has been conferred to Fabiano Ventura on June 8th “for its long time professional experience as photographer sensitive to environmental themes, and in particular to glaciers” in a official ceremony which took place at the Deputies Room.

The National Environmental Award “Gianfranco Merli” promoted by the Movimento Azzurro Association was assigned during the congress “Environmental responsibilities towards Rio+20) lead by the State undersecretary On. Gianpaolo D’Andrea.

Numerous other personalities from the political, cultural and media sectors were awarded, along with Fabiano Ventura, for their special attention towards environmental topics. Between many others: Corrado Clini – Ministry of the Environment; Nicola Zingaretti – President of the Rome District; Franco Iseppi – President of the Italian Touring Club; Cesare Patrone – Head of the Forest State Corps; Mario Pirani – Journalist of the “Repubblica” daily newspaper; Paolo Giuntarelli – President of the Biopark of Rome.