Mitre Peak

The stars are holes from which filters the light of the infinite. Confucius

Pano - Islanda

Nothing is harder than a stone and nothing is softer than water. Yet, soft water hollows out the hard stone. Ovidio


Everything you can imagine, nature has already created. Albert Einstein


This is another comforting aspect of nature: its immense beauty is there for all. No one can think of taking home a sunrise or sunset. Tiziano Terzani

Caucaso - Monte Husba

Enjoy what you look and understand is the most beautiful gift of nature. Albert Einstein

Baltor Pano da vetta Terzano

This world is indeed a living being provided with soul and intelligence ... a single visible living being, containing all other living beings, all being congeners for their own nature. Platone

Alaska - Lamplug

To forget how to dig the earth and take care of the soil is to forget ourselves. Gandhi

Alaska – Lamplug

In all things of nature there is something marvelous. Aristotle


The mountains are always generous. They offer me unique sunrises and sunsets; the silence is broken only by the sounds of nature that make it even more alive. tiziano Terzani


The forest is a body of boundless generosity who does not ask anything to men: it protects all living beings, and offers its shadow to men who destroy it. Buddha


Interview on RedBull web site

Interview on RedBull web site

(Ita) Venerdì scorso 13 maggio è uscita una bella e lunga intervista sulla mia attività sul sito RedBull .it realizzata dal giornalista Paolo Dondossola.

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Photography and science on the trails of the glaciers my talk TEDx

Photography and science on the trails of the glaciers my talk TEDx

Il 23 giugno scorso è stato pubblicato sul canale ufficiale TEDx Talks il mio talk registrato a Caserta il 6 febbraio 2015.

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About me

Fabiano Ventura
Professional photographer specialized in mountain photography, landscapes and geographic reportage. I grew up travelling and learning to respect nature. In my work I try to represent the nature in its most extreme and wild aspects, and how human been interact with it. My aim is to transmit the importance to preserve nature, not only to enjoy its beauty, but also to preserve ourselves as a specie and civilization.